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Want to live life in full colour? Now you can do exactly that, with a choice of 15 colours for your replacement windows and doors in realistic, hardwearing woodgrained foils.

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Global Roof System

By choosing a Global conservatory roof from Barclay Developments you are choosing the UK’s No. 1 roof system. It has been engineered for your peace of mind and has been exhaustively tested to ensure that it is robust, durable and long lasting. Using state of the art design software, each Global roof system is designed to take conservatories to the next level and is only limited by your imagination.

Our roofs have been tested and have been passed by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

Global Roof Systems

High strength rafters

Designed to hold a larger roof, so you don’t have to compromise on your ideal design or weather performance.

Variable valley

The valley is designed to suit varying pitches and angles and is cloaked internally and externally to give an attractive aesthetical finish.

Tie bolt

Our precision engineered security locking bolt eradicates movement between the bolt and rafter, to give a strong and rigid anti-slip joint connection.

Single fixing bolt

We don’t think it’s a good idea to drill holes in something that should be fully watertight - that’s why our single bolt fixing sits within its own purpose designed channel.

Perfect lead flashing

The starter bar is designed to leave a perfect lead flashing line seamlessly connecting the house and conservatory. The lead dresses into a built-in soaker forming a watertight seal and no lead needs to be dressed over the top cap therefore preventing unsightly staining.

Global Roof Systems

Aluminium woodgrain and painted top caps

Our woodgrain and painted top cappings are made from aluminium so will not warp or distort under extreme heat or split under extreme cold.

Low level gasket system

No one wants to look at their conservatory roof and see thick black gaskets around every glazing bar. That’s why we have designed our roof with concealed gaskets.

End caps

All end caps have a shoulder around the visible face for a more substantial appearance.