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Made to measure

The interior design of your conservatory is so important – you need to ensure your dreams and aspirations come true! Whatever style is right for you, there is the furniture, fabrics, lighting, heating and flooring to create an atmosphere to dine, work or just relax in. New designs in furniture and trends in blinds, accessories and flooring has meant that a conservatory is not just an extension, but an extra room, a room from which you can enjoy light, space and your garden.

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It is important to consider what furniture to put in your conservatory. Your new room could be the first entry into your home from the garden, which means that your furniture could get covered in mud and grass stains, especially if you have children around! So the furniture you choose has to be up for a bit of wear and tear. Look for washable fabric cushions and removable covers, and the fabric you choose needs to be resistant to the damaging sunlight. Choose solar glass to reflect the sun to help prevent fading of furniture, rugs and soft furnishings. Cane furniture is a popular choice as it is a natural material and is light enough to carry out into the garden on a lovely sunny day.


Whether you choose wooden flooring or tiles, the options in terms of colour and style are endless. The floor should be easy to clean and with so many choices available you will certainly find one that suits your new room.


A conservatory is an ideal way to bring light and space into your home, but you might need to consider some shade to control the heat and glare. Blinds are an ideal solution and come in many different styles. You can choose from roller, roman, woodweave, vertical or venetian blinds, all are available in different patterns and colours, and can be rolled up/opened to allow the maximum amount of light to flood your room. Blinds not only look good, but also have a practical purpose.


An ideal way to heat your conservatory is with slim line electric wall heaters - they are controllable and are small and discreet.

You could even choose under floor heating. It is an efficient way to heat your room and once installed it is invisible and you are able to design your room without having to work around radiators.


Fans come in various sizes and with different speeds, forwards and backwards. Forwards to move the air around in the room and reverse to draw down the warm air which has risen and trapped in the roof – perfect for winter. Fans can be fitted with lights and can be operated with pull chains or by wall operated switches, or even by remote control.


You may wish to locate your conservatory near to your neighbour’s fence, or by an open road, if so then you could choose a glazing option which will ensure that your room is kept private. Our range of glass offers different levels of obscuration, providing you with the privacy you require, whilst maximising the level of daylight passing through the glass.

10 top conservatory tips

Perfect Room

What style will suit your home?

Is your home a period property or more contemporary, there will be a conservatory to suit every style. Try to match your conservatory seamlessly to your home in terms of brickwork, colours and style.

Do you require planning permission?

In England and Wales planning permission is not usually required for a conservatory. If you are planning to buy a conservatory to expand your home you will be able to proceed without the need for planning permission, as long as you do not exceed the development limit. But remember, if you live in a listed building or within a conservation area it is best to get council advice… better to be safe than sorry.

What is the best position for it to be installed?

Your installer will be able to advise you on this, so remember to think about where the sun will be in the daytime, and if you will require extra ventilation or blinds?

What size should it be?

Try not to take up too much of your garden space, your conservatory should be an extension of your home, but not at the expense of your lawn!

Will your conservatory be secure?

Remember to lock up - for added security ensure you lock not just your external conservatory doors but also the door to the conservatory from your house.

Perfect Room

Plan your conservatory carefully

Mark out where in your garden the conservatory will be. Make sure you ask your installer what the internal dimensions of the finished conservatory will be.

A dwarf brick wall or a glass wall?

Do you want your conservatory to have a low wall, or have a full height glass wall to maximise the light?

Have you considered Bi-fold doors?

Bi-fold doors can open up the whole elevation of your conservatory and bring the outside in! These versatile doors can even be used from your house into your conservatory, so making use of all the space available to you.

Have you considered your neighbours?

Will your conservatory affect their enjoyment of their garden/sunlight.